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Photographer Writer Illustrator

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8 images, one each from 8 different photographers.

8 writers, each of whom writing a short story or poem from a different one of the 8 photographs.

8 illustrators, each given a different piece of writing, without the original photo.

Miniclick's new project takes the form of a game of Chinese whispers, exploring the interpretation and the connection of images and text.

The Photographers

Jocelyn Allen
Laura Pannack
Jon Tonks
Alma Haser
Kate Peters
Matt Henry
Jen Davis
Paul Reas

The Writers

Sofia Kathryn Smith
Georgina Aboud
Peter Carr
John Morrison
Peter Dench
Gemma Padley
Bryony Good
Matt Hawkins

The Illustrators

Tomas Rooney
Lauren Holder
Kirstin Stride
Angela Hadrill
Yannik Eilers
Moscow, Let’s Go!
Hannah Clare
Adam Campbell